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Frequently asked questions

[Coleology Cut] Why would I need to take it before bed?

It has been designed for the time when its efficacy is likely to be highest, and it is the time when it has the most synergy with Coleology Drink Mix, which aids in bowel movements

[Coleology Cut] How do active ingredients work?

- Green Tea Extract: It may help in reducing body fat, providing antioxidant benefits, and improving blood cholesterol levels.

- Rhodiola Extract: It may aid in improving fatigue caused by stress.

[Coleology Cut] Additional Product Recommendations Routines?

Recommend a routine of Coleology cut + Coleology Drink Mix + Burningology D-day + Manology Cut + Talksology Cleanse Vium

[Combo] What are the advantages of taking it with Coleology Drink Mix?

Effective results require: 1. Reduce body fat, 2. Eliminate intestinal waste, 3. Ensure adequate hydration, and 4. Get enough sleep. Consistent consumption of Coleology cut and Coleology Drink Mix can assist in achieving 1, 2, and 3

[Coleology Drink Mix] Does it come with the red bottle?

The red bottle is not included in the product. Please purchase it separately. The Foodology Red Bottle is designed for convenience offering the perfect companion for effortless hydration and seamless preparation of the Foodology Red Bottle Drink Mix

[Coleology Drink Mix] Where does the subtle herbal taste come from?

The coating is minimized, and no additional scents are added to enhance the absorption rate, resulting in a slightly herbal taste.

You can dilute it in more than 17oz of water and carbonated water for better taste, or please ask for recommendations.

If you want a more sweet one and are sensitive to taste, please choose Burningology Drink Mix instead of Coleology Drink Mix.

[Coleology Drink Mix] Is it okay to drink multiple times a day?

It contains ingredients that aid in bowel movements, so we usually recommend consuming it in the morning.

No difference in efficacy between drinking it all at once or multiple times, so you can flexibly adjust your intake according to your schedule.

Does Amazon fullfill my orders?

Yes. Our shop is integrated with Amazon FBA, and your orders are automatically delivered by Amazon when you complete the payment